Lignum has more than 40 years in the industry with treated wood, being pioneers and market leaders. We have a de-centralized industry which makes us a dynamic and viable company answers to their needs. 2 treatment plants, 4 ovens industrial drying lines parallel sawing, molding, brushing among others integrated into the production line that gives us the market leader in BEST QUALITY services.


We are a company committed to quality, which carries a complex integrated process from genetics, planting, cutting and harvesting to the molding and brushed finish. We are governed by the AWPA to ensure a product with global market standards.

Our Commitment

Lignum is committed to serve giving a product well done, with awareness and responsibility to the environment first, with our collaborator people and the final consumer who will get the result of an integrated effort.

Welcome to LIGNUM!

With more than 40 years, we have developed a way to assist you, designing and building to your needs anywhere in the world. We are appasionate about quality.

About us

Lignum is a family company based in Guatemala with over 40 years of experience in the forest products industry. We are vertically integrated in the following divisions:

1. Forestry: Tree nursery for our native pine species, Conservation and research as members of Grupo deGuate associated with CAMCORE from North Carolina State University, Forest management and forest operations.

2. Industry: Sawmill, Planermill, Dry kilns, Pressure treating plants, Finger jointing, Mouldings, Utility poles plant, Carpentry shop.

3. Construction: Prefabricated and mixed material homes, Framing Construction, Roof structures, Decks, Pergolas, Gluelam frame Doors (new), Playgrounds, Finger Joint boards, Focused on high end market. We build projects locally and abroad.

4. Commerce: Local market and export.

We supply high quality pressure treated pine ( CCA ) wood products from our local sustainable sources. .

Visit us www.lignum.com.gt or facebook http://www.facebook.com/Lignum.com.gt


1. Achieve our goals through hard work, dedication and constant work, which is reflected in good service and the excellent quality of our products.

2. Forest offer excellent products and services that meet the needs of customers in the market.

3. Meet the requirements of economic, social and environmental sustainability at the local level to ensure continuity and significance of the company through generations.


Being the leader of sustainable forest products in Central America


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Social Commitment

We support and we encourage education and health of employees of the company. We strive to create healthy spaces to labor and develop in a competitive environment. We cooperate and work mutually beneficial relationships with neighboring communities to our workplaces.


Latifoleado maintain forest reserves forest and mixed forest (oak / pine) in different regions of the country. These reserves protect valuable natural resources for us and neighboring communities. In addition research plots planted to maintain national germplasm of species of pine in conjunction with CAMCORE at North Carolina State University.

Our services

In Lignum our most important goal is to serve your needs, guided by experts with the sole purpose of fulfilling your expectations. These are our main services:

Designs made to measure

Our pergolas, decks and other products are made and installed with greater accuracy for your home or office.

Timber sales

We obtain raw materials we put at your disposal, with quality certificate.

Building structures

We make your available structures already created ready to install, to make your life easier.

Our Products

Made with strict quality standards and responsibly managed forests.

playgrounds, bridges and other


Decks, pergolas and Ceilings

Handrails and bleachers



If you have any questions, contact us and gladly we will be communicating with you

  • Headquarter
  • 18 calle 15-51 zona 10 Guatemala, Guatemala 01010. Schedule: Monday to Friday 7:30 AM to 5:30 PM, Saturday 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM
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  • Km 16.5 Carretera Al Salvador,(Antigua Calle Olmeca), Fraijanes, Guatemala
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  • Kilometro 81.5 Carretera al Atlántico El Progreso, Guatemala
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  • Sucursal Rio Dulce
  • Barrio el Relleno, antigua gasolinera Texaco, debajo del puente de Rio Dulce, Guatemala
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  • Sucursal Monterrico
  • Kilometro 18.8 Aldea El Banco carretera a Monterrico, Guatemala
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